barnes arrives

I had asked the seller of the Barnes double helix to be careful in his packaging, as the helixes are rather fragile. And, he did take extra precaution in packaging–in fact, it took me 20 minutes just to get rid of the tape, bubble wrap, and cardboard that encased the little guy.

The helixes, I am happy to report, are not only complete and unbroken, they are super super sharp (I drew blood whilst looking at the piece). And, it is marked, "PAT. JUNE 27 76."

This definitely will make the best 6 of the year. And, I can finally scratch one wish–off my wish list! ! !

Jas. E. Pepper Corkscrew (no, not another one)

I carried the Jas. E. Pepper folding corkscrew with me to Brimfield to show Barry and get his insights into the piece. And, I came to find out that he also had one, with a different advertisement, and that it is indeed pictured in Ferd and Bert’s book on Pocket Corkscrews. I headed back home after hunting around Brimfield, and started hunting through the book trying to find it.

After thumbing through the pages, I did finally see it. On page 161 (figure 1036) there it is!