BARNES ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I was perusing the net for antique corkscrews last week, and ran across an auction for 75 corkscrews in a collection. I emailed the auction house to get more information, and they sent me the cell phone of the owner of the items.

With the photo online showing only a few, and many obscured, the conversation lasted a half hour or so, as we went through what was in the box. The picture online, did show the very top of what looked to be a Barnes corkscrew. I asked if it might have two helixes, and he confirmed that it did!

I emailed (and called) the auctioneers to leave a absentee bid, but was told that the corkscrews would be sold individually. I amended by absentee bid for just the double helix.

And!…. I just got off the phone with the auctioneer. I won!

I still have yet to see the condition of the helixes, but the seller said they looked pretty good. So the Barnes will be heading to 16 Kingston! And, just in time for a for the upcoming AGM! Looks like we have a good piece of tradebait!

The photo of the auction lot is below!!!!!!!!