barnes arrives!

The lovely and I leave in the morning for Chattanooga, so I had hoped that the Barnes Double helix that I picked up at a recent auction would arrive in time for our departure. And, it arrived moments ago.

I placed a bid on this piece, having never seen it. So, I had really hoped it was as described, and that the two helices were intact. And, they are. And, it is even marked, albeit faintly, with PA 27 76. Somewhere along the way, it lost it’s "T JUNE." The other one I have is marked PAT. JUNE 27.76.

The longer helix is tipped slightly, but not bad at all. The shorter helix is sharp and all there. This will make for some good tradebait for some CCCC’er (or ICCA’er).

On another corkscrewy note. I got a phone call from Mark this morning (who is currently driving towards Chattanooga). He was lamenting his 10 +hour drive, until he happened on an antique mall. "I found something…" he said. He didn’t have O’Leary’s book with him, but as soon as he started to describe it, I knew the very piece. He had emailed a picture from his phone, and that left no doubt. He found an 1867 McGill corkscrew, marked PATENT!

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