back from Williamsburg

Williamsburg was fantastic, and the lovely and I really enjoyed spending time with the other members of the ICCA. The dinners, buying and selling, and different excursions made for a wonderful few days filled with much corkscrew (and other) conversations.

There were corkscrews everywhere! The buy and sell was quite a good time with Barry and I making a trade before it started, where I managed to end up with a Woodman’s patent. In the auction, I got a negbaur piggy, plant’s magic, nice wood codd corkscrew, three hollwegs (including a carriage key) and a few other odds and ends.

The show and tell was amazing. Pistols with corkscrew triggers, every version of the Twigg, countless Curleys, bunches of Frary corkscrews, and an entire litter of Crosby Pups; they were all there. And, many many many others which had all the members oohing and ahhhing over the various displays.

I didn’t take that many photos, as there were several cameras around (and my battery died). That said, i will post some pictures later today, both from the trip itself, and of the corkscrews acquired.

All in all, it was a great weekend with a great group of people!