more corkscrews!

Both Mark and I were emailed pictures from a non-ebay auctioneer while we were at the CCCC AGM. So, in between the buy and sell other corkscrewy events, he and I decided we would go in together on the auction instead of being the other’s competition. He went through the pictures, and suggested pricing. And, as luck would have it, he would be able to be at the auction in person!

Well, the days passed, and while I was at the ICCA meeting, an email came through showing the lots we won. And, we did pretty well. A u-neek, syroco waiter, a couple of keys, columbus, pair of ladies legs, metal rack, bar bum in box, and a german perpetual with a closed barrel. Shortly thereafter we got on the phone and divvied the items up.

Mark got the u-neek and several other pieces, while I got the perpetual, legs, and a few others. Some of these have already landed on ebay, but the perpetual (which needs a good cleaning) will be staying in the collection.