Button, Button, Who’s Got the Button

While the countless corkscrew collectors on eBay are trying to convince the person that listed a Tucker patent corkscrew to sell offline, add a buy it now, or make a deal for the rarity, I was watching a corkscrew with a button. Or, rather… a button with a corkscrew.

And, given that there were no bids from the time it was listed hours ago, you have to figure that buy it now, hey will you end it early, hey I’ll offer you a pittance for that rarity, or the please please please please sell it to me, emails had to have been inundating the seller. So, I put the item on my watch list–which fortunately I can see on my blackberry–and went about my biz.

And, just like clock work, I opened my watchlist, refreshed, and there is the button with corkscrew with a healthy buy it now. I thought it was a little high, but figured I didn’t want to miss out. He who hesitates…

I snapped it up! And, just hung up with Mark to tell him about the piece.

Mark already has one:

Jack Bandy has one:

And, now another version of the 1896 American patent # 564356 for a pinback button (with corkscrew)

is heading to 16 Kingston.

Funny thing is, that while I have been typing this, the person who apparently negotiated the buy it now called me laughing to congratulate me on picking it up.

Thanks unnamed binning dude! ! !


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