Boston Antiques Show…

The Boston Antiques Show is this weekend, and while there aren’t usually tons of corkscrews there, there is usually one or two. Most recently, I grabbed a Tiffany Sterling Roundlet there.

So, whilst the lovely was at the gym, I headed out and saw what there was to see. There were several corkscrews, a german spring, the same overpriced grouping from the same overpriced dealer that has been there at every show since we moved to the Boston Area, the requisite blackington sterling boot corkscrew, and then a couple of pieces that made the trip worthwhile.

The two that ended up coming home with be are pictured below; an interesting anri bar set with a guy and his dog (it could be someone else’s dog), and a Bennit patent–the Bennit has a very different handle then what is usually found, but the bell is marked with the patent date. I will probably hold on to that one. The Anri, it will probably hit eBay next week.

Some nice finds all in all, and there were a couple others as well (non corkscrew however, and also destined for eBay).


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