paris tales

The lovely bride and I had a fabulous time in Paris! And, as one would guess we did spend some time hunting for corkscrews.

On the first morning of my arrival, while the lovely was at a food show, I happened to walk up Rue St. Paul to find some fantastic corkscrews. A nice two pillar, a subito, and a great looking single lever. The shop was closed, but I did snap a picture. More about these in a moment.

Sue finished up the food show in the afternoon, and we spent the rest of the day seeing the sights, and seeking out an appropriate place for dinner. We found just what we were looking for around the corner from our apartment; L’Epouvantail. The meal was fantastic!

The next few mornings would start with a run through the streets of Paris, followed by a shower, breakfast, coffee, and then a long walk through the streets of Paris. Followed by wine, dinner, and wine.

I did manage to check email in between hunting for corkscrews, and it was a good thing I did. I got an email from Ian & Sue Hunter who explained, they too were in Paris and asked if we wanted to meet up. We emailed back and forth about schedules, our locations, and corkscrews. Ian had seen the shop with the subito, and informed of the prices on the various corkscrews; 1000, 3300, & 7000 for the subito, single lever, and two pillar (ouch, no way, and you have got to be kidding).

We decided to meet up after the Clignancourt market, and the lovely and I headed out to find a corkscrew. And, corkscrews were plentiful…however, they were also quite expensive. So, we rustled through baskets and boxes, peered into glass cases and finally found a couple of things that would be worth picking up. I passed on an early two pillar, a ornate folding bow, an empire, and several perilles. I did pick up an interesting champagne tap marked J Depagne, and tucked it in my backpack and headed off to the next booth.

After visiting all the booths, and some of them three or four times, we hopped back on the Metro and headed back to the apartment. Sue went for a run, and I figured out where we would meet for dinner. We ultimately decided to go back to L’Epouvantail. We had closed the restaurant down with the owner the night before with much wine being consumed, and figured that Ian and Sue would enjoy it too. It didn’t disappoint as dinner was awesome.

A wonderful few days (pictures below).


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