let the offers pour in

I should have pricing on the AMOR couple, Tucker, Sterling Boar’s head, and Theiry an Crosselmire with flower tomorrow. I will provide updates at that time. Still, if anyone wants to throw out some offers feel free to email me at josef@vintagecorkscrews.com

And, there will be more available Check the photos below. WHW hagenauer signed mouse, erotic in aluminum, and a couple of anri pieces…

Black Friday and the return of jBay

Pictures will be posted today, but I have been sent several corkscrews from the divesting collector. Be sure to return to see what door busting corkscrew deals there will be. An AMOR Hugging Couple, Tucker Patent, Ornate Tusk with Sterling Boars head and Ruby Eyes, Theiry and Crosselmire Patent, and several others.

It is time to kick off your holiday season with a present for yourself!!! Pictures and Pricing to follow!!!

binning bloke with the faulty keystroke

Yesterday an interesting corkscrew came up on eBay.uk, but the picture was rather fuzzy. I emailed the seller to get some more information, and we e-chatted about this and that. She also explained there were some others interested in it.

Not too long after there was a buy it now added for £ 325. Wow! Definitely out of my league. I emailed again, and asked her how she came up with that price point. She said, that another eBayer had asked if she would sell it for that specific amount.

well, this morning as I am drinking coffee and checking email, there is another email from the aforementioned seller explaining that yes, she would ship to the United States and included this little interesting bit of information; "The other bloke also said that he put a 3 instead of a £." With that it mind, she decided to revise the listing to the other bloke’s request, making the buy it now a whopping 25. Now, that is definitely in my wheelhouse.

It has to be gone by now, I thought. So, I clicked the link expecting to see corkscrew_uk, syrocokid, wineleopard, or one of the countless others out there that would have snapped the piece up. But, it was still there with it’s £25 Buy it Now. I grabbed it! Apparently the person who requested it was away from his keyboard!

So, whomever it was that asked, I just have to say, thanks to the Binning Bloke with the a faulty key stroke!

redesigning the website

Well, I finally broke down and purchased dreamweaver CS4. So, over the coming month, I will be converting the website to the new program. While the launch of the new site is some weeks off, I figured I would unveil the new logo.

There will be all kinds of bells and whistles on the new site. Keep clicking, and I promise eventually the changes will be there.

mi amor

At Brimfield last May, I was offered a celluloid corkscrew of a kissing couple. One of the feet was cracked, and that definitely was putting me off. Then, when I heard the asking price–after smelling salts were needed–I knew it was a corkscrew that definitely was not for me.

I might add, that at the July and September Brimfield shows, the same corkscrew was still available. I don’t doubt it will still be in the dealer’s hands next year as well.

That said, I have long wanted a version of the AMOR corkscrew. And, there are several variants; the kissing couple and the hugging couple. And, these can turn up in celluloid or steel.

Peter scored a partially damaged celluloid version recently, and today another AMOR corkscrew popped up on eBay with a buy it now. I snapped it up, and figured I would ask questions later. It looks great, some finish loss, but it is the hugging version in steel. This may make the best 6 of the year, if Tommy doesn’t try to trade for it over the next couple of days.

The picture from eBay is below… I will add a better pic upon the AMOR’s arrival.

no corkscrews in the post

There are several corkscrews that are due to arrive at 16 Kingston, and given they are all coming from overseas, I propose a contest. Whomever guesses the order accurately will receive a vintage corkscrew from the corkscrew case. So, feel free to submit your ideas as comments below, or as an email.

here are the corkscrews that have yet to arrive:

Lund Rack – being sent from England

Grape Vine Thomason – being sent from Ireland

Monopol Rocket – also being sent from England

So…which will get here first, second, and third? If two (or all) arrive on the same day, well… I will document which one is handed to me first by Phil-the-mail-carrier. Please, only one guess each.

What is your best guess?????

Rocket Boys

There is a corkscrew that I have long wanted to acquire. It isn’t some rare American patent, but I was surprised Mark (who works for NASA) wasn’t in competition for this one.

The only one I have seen in person, was during the CCCC/ICCA meetings. And, I placed a bid, but watched it go far and beyond what I was willing to pay. Well, as luck would have it, a similar corkscrew was listed last week, and ended today. There was a reserve set, and the seller was kind enough to let me in on how much it was. I placed a snipe, and hoped for the best.

A fantastic corkscrew to add to the collection, this is the Monopol Rocket corkscrew. THere are two versions, one with an injection needle, the other with a corkscrew mechanism. And, this one has the corkscrew. Surely one that my rocket scientist friends will enjoy trying out!

Want to learn more about the latest addition? Don Bull has some great info about Rocket Corkscrews !