Rocket Boys

There is a corkscrew that I have long wanted to acquire. It isn’t some rare American patent, but I was surprised Mark (who works for NASA) wasn’t in competition for this one.

The only one I have seen in person, was during the CCCC/ICCA meetings. And, I placed a bid, but watched it go far and beyond what I was willing to pay. Well, as luck would have it, a similar corkscrew was listed last week, and ended today. There was a reserve set, and the seller was kind enough to let me in on how much it was. I placed a snipe, and hoped for the best.

A fantastic corkscrew to add to the collection, this is the Monopol Rocket corkscrew. THere are two versions, one with an injection needle, the other with a corkscrew mechanism. And, this one has the corkscrew. Surely one that my rocket scientist friends will enjoy trying out!

Want to learn more about the latest addition? Don Bull has some great info about Rocket Corkscrews !


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