mi amor

At Brimfield last May, I was offered a celluloid corkscrew of a kissing couple. One of the feet was cracked, and that definitely was putting me off. Then, when I heard the asking price–after smelling salts were needed–I knew it was a corkscrew that definitely was not for me.

I might add, that at the July and September Brimfield shows, the same corkscrew was still available. I don’t doubt it will still be in the dealer’s hands next year as well.

That said, I have long wanted a version of the AMOR corkscrew. And, there are several variants; the kissing couple and the hugging couple. And, these can turn up in celluloid or steel.

Peter scored a partially damaged celluloid version recently, and today another AMOR corkscrew popped up on eBay with a buy it now. I snapped it up, and figured I would ask questions later. It looks great, some finish loss, but it is the hugging version in steel. This may make the best 6 of the year, if Tommy doesn’t try to trade for it over the next couple of days.

The picture from eBay is below… I will add a better pic upon the AMOR’s arrival.