adding to the collection

As mentioned over the last few days, there have been some deals made for several syroco corkscrews / samples. And, they arrived the day before Christmas. However, given that I couldn’t find my camera cord (and this seems to happen more often than you would think) pictures had to wait until today.

The samples are awesome. What these samples were intended for remains a mystery for the moment. But, hopefully soon, we will find out if these were samples for those painting the items, samples for those working in the factory, or simply salesman samples. I would figure it isn’t the latter, as these were taken from the factory by a former employee. And, I have had several of these before, and one had a tag that featured the same catalog number that appeared in a 1955 catalog.

I did sell that collection off, and am thrilled for the latest arrivals, as not only are they a great addition to the collection, it has gained me a few contacts in the Syracuse area. This may open a lot of doors into the history of Syroco and the process of manufacturing these items.

The first sample doesn’t have a tag, but is the small police dog.

Next is the Syroco Indian. This does have a tag, and I will search around to see if I can find a corresponding catalog.

And, then there is the bartender. No, not the waiter corkscrew which has the martini shaker in hand, but this one is simply marked BARTENDER on the tag. I have included a close up as well. In the original collection I had, there was a similar piece simply marked DRUNK. And, neither of these are painted only showing the original "woodite" finish. It would seem to me, given that none have turned up with a corkscrew or opener attached, that these were items that never made it into production. In essence, this would be a prototype! ! ! !

Beyond the samples, the painted clown turned up as well. And, this is a double. So, if you have anything you wish to trade for it, drop me a line. I am sure we can make a deal.

And, if that wasn’t enough… I was emailed on xmas morning with an offer of a large brown bulldog corkscrew. I emailed back asking for a picture, to which I got the response. I will send pictures soon, and I dusted him off only to find out that he isn’t brown, he is black.

How fortuitous! I don’t have black one, but apparently I will have one shortly.

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