Austrian Dog

I was emailed yesterday with an offer of trades. There were several figurals, one of which is an Austrian Dog. Now, this isn’t your run of the mill figural pooch, so I am inclined to do the swap.

Marked with

This is definitely a good corkscrew for the Austrian (not Australian) collection. Of course, it is also one that might garner some trade offers from some of the usual suspects.

The only problem in doing the deal, of course, is that I have to send some thing back in exchange. And, that something isn’t a pot mongoose corkscrew, it is a very nice collectible corkscrew. What to do, what to do, what to do?

a little bacardi please

Every once in a while, a little bacardi is a good thing.

And, as it happened yesterday, a little bacardi was definitely in order!

btw: The fingers in the picture belong to the seller of a neat little dainty corkscrew…

This will make for a nice addition to the collection. And, there are other corkscrews enroute. A signed singleton bow, DRGS double german spring, and a few others should be turning up soon!

Saturday IS corkscrew day!!!

Well, Saturday is definitely corkscrew day!!!

RL and I agreed on our deal, so the painted clown and a couple of corkscrews from his collection will be crossing paths in the mail.

And, Marky Mark did indeed score the u-neek. And, as we were talking on the phone yesteday, he said RL was calling him. I am sure another trade is in the works between those two.

Also, Tommy is rumored to be hitting every antique store from Seattle to Tacoma today, but he hasn’t called in with any finds.

However, never fear, there was indeed a corkscrew find/deal made today. I had been exchanging emails with this individual about a corkscrew that they had for sale. After finally talking to them on the phone this afternoon, the deal is done and this is headed my way!

The seller explained that there are no cracks or missing material, just a little finish loss on the blade. A great addition to the collection–or a great trade bait piece. I will look forward to the bakelite gal’s arrival

trade !!!

So, RL and I got to talk on the phone this afternoon, and we have come up with a possible trade for the painted clown. The deal should be confirmed tomorrow, but I think both of us will be pretty happy with the corkscrews being traded!

Also, several corkscrews arrived via Phil-the-mail-carrier’s-temporary-replacement; the stained syroco waiter, a sav-kap, a flash souvenir corkscrew for Mark’s Twain’s childhood home, and a large tusk corkscrew with a walker bell, sterling cap, and sterling rivets all across the tusk!

There is a possible corkscrew deal in the works, but the details have yet to be worked out. What is the corkscrew? Well, we will wait to tell until the deal goes down.

“I like not working”

So, the lovely just came down stairs, grabbed the paper and a cup of coffee, and announced, "I like not working."

Today, she will be heading up to Maine to take care of some things, and I will be home dissertating–this section is integrating Rensis Likert’s (1967) work,
The Human Organization: Its Management and Value into the section on climate research in higher education.

On a corkscrew note, I am still waiting for 7 different packages in the mail. Some from three weeks ago. Not that it hasn’t been mentioned before, but when one advertises priority shipping. One would assume that that means that you will also make shipping a priority, not wait around for two weeks before you actually drop it in the mail.

Oh yes… Rumor has it that another U-Neek has been found by Marky Mark. I wonder how many emails with trade offers he will be receiving. Speaking of, RL and I are in the throes of making a trade for the painted clown. We are halfway (or a third of the way) there. Perhaps today we will be able to complete the deal.

change is in the air

Well, we have finally made it. It is inauguration day! ! !

While the lovely and I would have loved to been in Washington DC today for all the festivities, we will be attending a retirement celebration for the lovely bride instead. Yes, tonight we will ring in a whole world of change. And, as the lovely has been saying, "the end of that, and the beginning of this."

Now, we don’t know what the "this" will be, but I know that it will be filled with laughter, love, the occasional glass of wine, and the requisite antique corkscrew(s).

dumping snow, antique show, and a couple of finds

It is just dumping snow here in "the highlands." And, I am sure I will be out there eventually to shovel, and shovel, and shovel again. But until then, the lovely and I are sitting here drinking coffee and keeping warm.

The antique show yesterday was quite nice, but the corkscrews available were either common, or greatly overpriced for what they were. We did manage to pick up a couple of other interesting items, a couple of which–mechanical anri stoppers–will make their way eBay.

We are just planning a quiet day of working on various projects, although if someone wants to email with offers in trade for a painted clown feel free.

Also, I picked this up yesterday on eBay. The description explained that it has a folding corkscrew–even though it isn’t pictured. What is it that I bought? Any ideas?

a couple of euros short

Yet again, my bid wasn’t high enough to take the prize!

Tomorrow the lovely and I will be attending an antiques show in Wilmington, MA. At every show at this location, I have found at least one corkscrew with buying. Anri bar sets, a tiffany roundlet, a Rococo locking mechanism in silver, a bennit patent; all have been picked up over the years at this show. What will turn up tomorrow? Stay tuned!