small victories

there have been some fantastic corkscrews online as of late. the coolest in a while is a Maud’s Patent. The seller hadn’t made mention of marks, so I took it upon myself to email them to find out. It IS marked.

He also explained that several people have been offering him hundreds of pounds to end the auction. I wasn’t one of those offering. : )

I am sure the Maud will far exceed my price point. That said, I have had a couple of small scores as of the last few days. One is a nice henshall gotten for a fair price.

I have also been offered a syroco painted monk corkscrew, but the asking price is a bit steep. Anyone need an extra? I will gladly forward the contact information to you.

Oh yes… as of a recent email, Tommy is getting ready to make an offer for the latest painted clown… what will he be offering? Woodman’s? McGill? Cash? a combination? Stay tuned to see if the deal happens!


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