no deal for the waiter yet, but another syroco indian is on its way

I am still waiting to hear from the urgent priority message syroco waiter seller…

And, while I was perusing the hallowed halls of eBay, I managed to see a syroco indian ending with a low bid. I placed a snipe, and went off to open some wine–I know, it isn’t even 5 o’clock, but it isn’t a school night.

And, when I returned, I had won the chief syroco. Now, he isn’t a corkscrew, but he does have the syroco sticker. A nice piece that will probably end up staying in my collection; that is, if Sam doesn’t try to get it from me.

walnut syroco waiter

Last night a nice email came through marked as "highest priority!." I opened it up to see that someone had a carved waiter corkscrew that they wanted to sell.

I don’t know how that is of the highest priority, but okay…

I responded with what the syroco waiter sells for on eBay, and asked for a picture.

While I already have a stained/walnut finish waiter, it is always nice to have an extra. If the deal goes down, I will let you all know.

Also, Tommy and I were talking on the phone yesterday and discussing how we love Saturdays. Not to long ago, on a Saturday, I managed to score the AMOR kissing couple, Mark got a Strait Patent, and Tommy got a bone handled Excelsior. All on the same day. What will today bring???? And, who will make the big score???