birthday celebrations and being an underbidder

Last night was awesome! The lovely came home, and after changing into appropriate dining attire, we went to our favorite place, getting our favorite table by the fireplace (actually, it was in our living room, and I moved the table).

In between champagne, wine, appetizers, wine, dinner, and wine, the lovely opened gifts–none of which were corkscrews. And, we talked a great deal about our next adventures, where a new position for me will be taking us, and what her retirement will bring–I am thinking she will become the foremost authority on syroco corkscrews, but I gather she is leaning in another direction. : ) It was a great night!

Speaking of corkscrews, I had a snipe set to go off last night, and it did go off. Unfortunately, I was the underbidder on this…!

Oh well, maybe next time!


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