Saturday IS corkscrew day!!!

Well, Saturday is definitely corkscrew day!!!

RL and I agreed on our deal, so the painted clown and a couple of corkscrews from his collection will be crossing paths in the mail.

And, Marky Mark did indeed score the u-neek. And, as we were talking on the phone yesteday, he said RL was calling him. I am sure another trade is in the works between those two.

Also, Tommy is rumored to be hitting every antique store from Seattle to Tacoma today, but he hasn’t called in with any finds.

However, never fear, there was indeed a corkscrew find/deal made today. I had been exchanging emails with this individual about a corkscrew that they had for sale. After finally talking to them on the phone this afternoon, the deal is done and this is headed my way!

The seller explained that there are no cracks or missing material, just a little finish loss on the blade. A great addition to the collection–or a great trade bait piece. I will look forward to the bakelite gal’s arrival