a day with out the internet, is like a day without sunshine

Okay… so earlier this afternoon, I took the lovely’s new i-mac back to the mac store, as it kept kicking her off line as she was doing her lovely-type-stuff. I had previously talked to apple support, and we went through the process of figuring out what was wrong.

After exhausting the possibilities, they made an appointment for me at the Genius Bar (I asked for a Guinness, they didn’t have any). So, after trudging in the snow carrying a computer, I learned that there wasn’t anything really wrong, it was the router for our wireless. Hmmmmmmm, I thought.

I went a head and forked over a rather unhealthy sum of money for a new Apple Time Capsule, brought it home, plugged it in, and no internet!!! That was 5 hours ago, and after several lengthy phone conversations with comcast, apple, and apple, nothing was working.

I hung up the phone after a 2 hour phone conversation with a very helpful tech-y, and decided to try a couple of ideas that came to me as we walked through the process (10 times). A click there, and a click there, and lo and behold, we are back up and running!!!

On a corkscrew note, the Weekly Screw was just delivered, and Marky Mark scored a syroco monk for a very low price!