a few dollars short

well, I missed out on the Frary metal handled corkscrew–I was the underbidder. And, I missed out on the lot which had the Walker button and Goodyear patent–I was the underbidder. And, I while I mentioned the other day that it was Peter who ended up with the double weir’s–Apparently, I was the underbidder (or under-offer-er as it were).

Maybe some other corkscrew will come my way. Speaking of, a corkscrew did end up going TC’s way. He scored a syroco painted clown for very little, and has tomorrow off to go antiquing. I am sure he will be basking in the glory of his new acquisition and hunting for vintage condom tins–his new obsession.

There is some other corkscrew news, there are three new members of the ICCA–Dick Clark, Guy Vankeerberghen, and Thomas Schlesser–welcome to the club gents!!!


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