back from Chicago

The lovely and I got in last night from Chicago–well, technically, due to delays, this morning. So, coffee is being consumed, and we are getting ready for the week ahead; a few classes to teach, corkscrews to buy, and the lovely will be heading to California on Wednesday. I will be joining her on Friday in Napa! We have no real plans as such, but will surely drink some wine, visit some old haunts, and perhaps visit Brother Timothy’s collection.

As far as corkscrew news… it would seem that Tommy has scored a Syroco Indian, Mark is making a mint on a beer stein acquired for the ripe price of 15 bucks, Robert and I are trying to work a deal for the Hagenauer corkscrew dog, and Peter is picking up pieces left and right. What CB is doing is totally a mystery. We tend to get an email from him, every once in a while, and then nothing–this would be a non-email stage from him.

There are a couple of corkscrews that should be showing up soon. The coolest, although it is a duplicate, is a mcbride patent. Anyone need an extra?


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