arrival and departure

Yesterday, the replacement for Phil-the-mail-carrier, dropped off the mail. And, among the requisite junk mail was a small package from the UK. I signed for the item, and after bidding adieu to the postal person, I quickly opened the package.

While the patina that is on my other McBride is quite lovely, the recent arrival is a remarkable example, and with just some minor wear to the finish on the worm itself, it is pretty much what it would have looked like when it was patented and produced in 1888.

Still, given that I already have this version, I would gladly swap one of my McBride’s for one with the date on the shaft. Anyone want to trade?

As previously mentioned, the lovely and I will be in Napa for the weekend–I will be departing this evening. I will have the new laptop with, but responses to emails will definitely be put on hold as we head back "home" for some time in the wine country.