well, it was a fantastic time in Napa. the place that we rented (via VRBO) was just off Silverado Trail in Napa–directly across from the William Harrison Winery. We didn’t actually visit, but we spent much time staring out over the vineyards surrounding the place.

The wineries we did visit were awesome. A corkscrew collecting friend invited us up to his winery, and we enjoyed a fantastic bottle, and a nice conversation with Shel and Palo (the dog). After Paloma Vineyards, we headed to Pride, and then on to Guilliam’s. All great experiences, and all on Spring Mountain.

We picked up some lovely lamb at one of the local markets, and made dinner at the house we rented the first night. Sunday was Martini House, and Monday was at Rutherford Grill–the lovely had been there recently and somehow knew a secret back-side-through-the-gate-over-the-hedges-tight-rope-walking-whilst-dodging-rain-and-puddles-entrance, and I could barely keep up with her as she dodged and weaved her way to the door.

Monday during the day, we meandered over to Healdsburg for lunch. Bistro Ralph is still going strong, and still has the best caesar salad on the planet!

We did manage some corkscrewing while in the wine country, but didn’t buy anything. There were corkscrews however, just ones that were either overpriced, or ones we already have.

A great trip, filled with great wines, great conversations, and great food. And, now we start planning for the next adventure.