best 6 for 2009

Okay, I know it is way early for compiling a best 6 for the year, but this morning (yes, the mail came really early today) a corkscrew arrived that will definitely make the best 6. And, when I managed to make the deal for it, it occurred to me that this would be the 4th in a series.

"the fourth in a series?", you ask…

Well, it seems I have had a Barnes Patent corkscrew in each best 6 for the past three years.

an 1884 Barnes Bow with hooks in 2006

A single helix Barnes direct pull in 2007

A double helix Barnes patent in 2008…

and as of this morning…

A patented Barnes bow without hooks, marked "PAT. MAY. 27, 84". With its razor sharp helix, this is definitely one of the Best 6 for 2009!

( I wonder how fast after reading this, RL will be calling)