spring break!

well, the first weekend of Spring Break was an eventful one. After hosting a small dinner party, we then proceeded to host a baby shower for a close friend. There we were 28 women and me. It was a fabulous time, and fortunately the lovely kept everything on schedule so all worked out perfectly; mimosas led to appetizers, which led to lunch, which led to dessert, which led to much cleaning up, which led to me being exhausted by the end of the day.

The New Hampshire adventure on Sunday netted out NO corkscrews. But, it was a pleasant drive in 59 degree weather–the weather changed and (after another small dinner party) we got more snow late Sunday and Monday.

Today is a day of research, and I will be hunkered down with coffee looking at articles on perception and climate in organizations. This will be followed by a little more research. And, that will be followed by a little more coffee, which will probably be followed by wine at some point.