first 9 holes of the year…

The snow has finally melted, and the temperatures are finally warm enough to play golf! And, the local (public) course just opened. It is an 18 hole course, but only 9 holes were available. So, I threw the clubs in the mini–taught a couple of classes–then headed to the golf course.

I ended up playing solo–for a while–and I teed it up on number 1, and hit a little left. This is not normal for me, as usually there is a slice involved. Still, a short wedge later, shorter chip, and 4 foot putt later, it was in the hole. A par!!! Not a bad way to start.

I did end up catching a group who invited me to play, and ended the day 7 over. Again, not a bad first half-round (and based on this score, Tommy owes me a corkscrew).

Speaking of corkscrews, some interesting ones arrived yesterday in the mail. A four pillar king’s rack, a small wooden handle with a button, and a rather impressive decorative metal handle.

This is not a roundlet, but instead a decorative metal handle that has rosettes on the end that unscrew to allow for the handle come apart. Underneath? A wood handled Williamson. I am currently researching the piece to see where it comes from. Clearly the corkscrew is Williamson, but who made the handle? I know Barry Taylor has one like this, but does anyone else?