10 dollar clown, 785 dollar Gundlach, and Saturday’s Event

It has been an interesting week! A couple of days ago, I found a syroco clown listed online (not ebay) for a unbelievable price of 10 dollars. I emailed, and asked, but was a few minutes too late as someone else had snapped the piece up. One hell of a deal!

Then, there is the Gundlach & co corkscrew that ended last night. I had one a couple of years ago, and traded it away for another desirable corkscrew. And, even though the trade was equitable, I regretted giving the piece up. So, I bid high on the one last night, only to come up short. Apparently a dealer in California has deeper pockets, and customers who will pay even more than he did; $ 785.00 !!!!!

And, I know it has been mentioned earlier but Saturday there is an event at the Spellman Museum. And, corkscrews will be part of the event. If you want to read about it, check out

Boston Globe – boston.com

Wall Street Journal – WSJ.com

Or, the museum website at – spellman.org

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