tax time

well… it has been a few hours, and I am nearing the completion of doing our 2008 taxes. It really has been pretty painless!

On a corkscrew note, I met with an antiques dealer at a gas station today to make an exchange of corkscrews for money. It was sort of like a clandestine drug deal–not that I would know about that mind you–but, I drove to the agreed upon location, and waited for a couple of minutes. She arrived shortly thereafter, and told me she has a box for me. I grabbed the box, looked at the stuff, and handed her some money.

She promised to contact me when she finds others, and we both hopped in our respective cars and drove away. The whole transaction took about 4 minutes. And, I headed back home, and then to school with a Bone handled direct pull, interesting bow corkscrew, and a turkey-foot folding corkscrew, along with some other patented tool that I can’t yet identify–except that it is a patented tool.

Pictures of the latest acquisitions tomorrow–as my camera is buried somewhere under the the 2008 bank statements.