43 days till Brimfield and corkscrewing in Maine

The lovely and I headed up to Maine this morning to look around for corkscrews. And, we did find several.

And, many of those we found we left behind…I mean, we want to ensure there will be corkscrews available to buy when RL visits. : )

We hit one of my favorite antique shops in Wells, Maine. And, while there have only been a couple of corkscrews in the past, I have never stopped by and walked away without some purchase. Today didn’t disappoint, as a Lucky Joy Germ corkscrew was the find of the day (or so I thought–suspenseful music plays in the background)

Not only was it a great find, it also was in a seller’s case who was offering a discount!

After a nice brunch, the lovely and I were heading towards home when she announced we were going to stop at "Tangibles," an antique store neither of us had ever visited, and which takes a little maneuvering to get to. We walked through the shop, and found several more corkscrews inside a locked case. There was a simple, but faceted, bow with a tag of 95 dollars. I noticed a Walker bell, and another bow nearby. All were going to be too much money and then I noticed an interesting metal handled corkscrew. (cue suspenseful music)

With its odd handle, and the price tag obscured, I was intrigued. The shop owner unlocked the case, I reached in for the corkscrew, and after seeing the price was definitely interested–it was much less than the bow!

I walked around with it in my hand for a couple of minutes as we headed upstairs to see the rest of the shop. By the time we got back down, it was decided. And, the lovely decided to offer cash for the piece, resulting in a phone call to the corkscrew’s owner–resulting in an even lower price! (go lovely go!!!)

We did make another stop on the way home, but the dice handled corkscrew was definitely the prize of the day!

I have gone through Bidault’s les tire-bouchons francais, to see if I could find the piece. It just feels French to me. Of course, I could be way of base. No markings, but a great looking corkscrew to add to the collection.

If any of you corkscrew folk out there have an idea of where this comes from, who made it, or anything else you can share about it, feel free to drop us a line.

43 days till Brimfield!