Heading to NYC

The lovely and I are heading to New York for a couple of days. While food, wine, and friends will definitely be part of the plan, we will also be hitting the piers antique show on Saturday. Hopefully there will be one or two (or 47) corkscrews to be had.

Speaking of corkscrews, apparently the Wall Street Journal caught wind of the museum exhibit which I will be part of on March 21, and have called the museum to get further details. Could there be a corkscrew article in their future???

We leave tomorrow in the afternoon–hopefully the corkscrew gods will be shining upon us!

ICCA, CCCC, and GK-3

I sent off my registration forms (filled out accurately) and paypal funds for both the CCCC and ICCA annual meetings over the last couple of days. Now, we just need to figure out out schedules for the days prior to the meetings. We are looking to rent an apartment in London for a week or so, and hopefully sneak in some early corkscrewing before everyone else arrives.

On another corkscrew note, I did snag a Gottfried-Krueger brewing corkscrew today, at quite a nice price. This is my third one, and I am thinking this could make for some nice trade bait for Tommy or Sam.

spring break!

well, the first weekend of Spring Break was an eventful one. After hosting a small dinner party, we then proceeded to host a baby shower for a close friend. There we were 28 women and me. It was a fabulous time, and fortunately the lovely kept everything on schedule so all worked out perfectly; mimosas led to appetizers, which led to lunch, which led to dessert, which led to much cleaning up, which led to me being exhausted by the end of the day.

The New Hampshire adventure on Sunday netted out NO corkscrews. But, it was a pleasant drive in 59 degree weather–the weather changed and (after another small dinner party) we got more snow late Sunday and Monday.

Today is a day of research, and I will be hunkered down with coffee looking at articles on perception and climate in organizations. This will be followed by a little more research. And, that will be followed by a little more coffee, which will probably be followed by wine at some point.

off to NH

I head to New Hampshire for an antique show in a couple of minutes. But, while drinking coffee this morning, I received an email from Tommy with the finds from the Portland show. Two silver picnic corkscrews, one with a mother of pearl handle. They are fantastic, and perhaps we can work a trade.

And, hopefully today, I will pick up something worth trading? (or keeping for that mater!)

I did pick up a 4th, carved alligator yesterday. Definitely he/she will be a welcome addition to the corkscrew swamp!

Great Finds Abound!

On the heels of the Barnes patent bow and the Edward Zinn patent tool kit, I just got an email from Mark who just found a Griswold patent for a really fantastic price!

And, he had only just started his day!

Tommy also is hunting for corkscrews today, and I am sure he will find a few items.

I will be heading to an antique show in New Hampshire tomorrow morning. Is there another Griswold to be found????

here is the other latest deal. a perille bague, diamant, and two direct pulls. anyone have an extra handle for the diamant? Or, have a handle in need of a frame and worm?

best 6 for 2009

Okay, I know it is way early for compiling a best 6 for the year, but this morning (yes, the mail came really early today) a corkscrew arrived that will definitely make the best 6. And, when I managed to make the deal for it, it occurred to me that this would be the 4th in a series.

"the fourth in a series?", you ask…

Well, it seems I have had a Barnes Patent corkscrew in each best 6 for the past three years.

an 1884 Barnes Bow with hooks in 2006

A single helix Barnes direct pull in 2007

A double helix Barnes patent in 2008…

and as of this morning…

A patented Barnes bow without hooks, marked "PAT. MAY. 27, 84". With its razor sharp helix, this is definitely one of the Best 6 for 2009!

( I wonder how fast after reading this, RL will be calling)


well, it was a fantastic time in Napa. the place that we rented (via VRBO) was just off Silverado Trail in Napa–directly across from the William Harrison Winery. We didn’t actually visit, but we spent much time staring out over the vineyards surrounding the place.

The wineries we did visit were awesome. A corkscrew collecting friend invited us up to his winery, and we enjoyed a fantastic bottle, and a nice conversation with Shel and Palo (the dog). After Paloma Vineyards, we headed to Pride, and then on to Guilliam’s. All great experiences, and all on Spring Mountain.

We picked up some lovely lamb at one of the local markets, and made dinner at the house we rented the first night. Sunday was Martini House, and Monday was at Rutherford Grill–the lovely had been there recently and somehow knew a secret back-side-through-the-gate-over-the-hedges-tight-rope-walking-whilst-dodging-rain-and-puddles-entrance, and I could barely keep up with her as she dodged and weaved her way to the door.

Monday during the day, we meandered over to Healdsburg for lunch. Bistro Ralph is still going strong, and still has the best caesar salad on the planet!

We did manage some corkscrewing while in the wine country, but didn’t buy anything. There were corkscrews however, just ones that were either overpriced, or ones we already have.

A great trip, filled with great wines, great conversations, and great food. And, now we start planning for the next adventure.