40 days till Brimfield, 6 days till baseball season, and corkscrews heading to Morocco?

As the countdown continues, there are 40 days until Brimfield, and 6 days till baseball season starts.

The bigger news is, a restaurant designer from Texas emailed a while back, and we are nearing completion on a deal for a small collection of corkscrews (20 or so) to be sent for permanent display at a restaurant project that he is working on.

In our last phone conversation, I inquired as to the restaurants locale, thinking I might drive them over in person. He responded with, "Morocco…"

I don’t think the mini will quite make it there.

So, it looks like the collection will be shipped to Texas, and said designer will then ship them to Morocco.

I wonder if we will get free food and wine should we ever visit. I definitely will write that into the agreement before we finalize payment.

Here is the latest acquistion…