38, 4, and the lovely’s blog…

38 days till Brimfield, 4 days till baseball season!

So, the lovely penned her first blog entry last night. I caught some bug, and have been a bit under the weather. Speaking of weather, it is raining cats and dogs, and I just stepped in a poodle.

And, I should set the record straight, we are not REALLY looking at corkscrew books every night, although she has been looking for corkscrews a lot lately.

Further, I should add:

That would be Sodium Tripolyphosphate for those of you playing at home…

No major corkscrew news of note, other than the fact that we will be heading to Providence tomorrow for a farmer’s market–we are playing "locavore." And, hopefully we will see a couple of antique stores along the way. And, Sunday will be the first weekend of Todd’s Farm–an antique show on Sundays north of here. We definitely will hope to see corkscrews there!

More news at it arises, and who knows, the lovely could be writing the next blog about her discovery of a rare patented corkscrew!