golfer arrives, 30, and 12

A couple of weeks ago, the oddest thing happened. A mail-carrier drove up to the house at about 9 o’clock in the morning, and dropped off a package.

Now, it isn’t odd that I would receive a package or two, but at 9 in the morning? When did the postal service become that efficient? And, now this has become the regular practice. Of course, oftentimes when this occurs our regular mail doesn’t show up, or we receive someone else’s. But, when a box is bigger than your average sized priority mailer, a driver makes a special morning visit. How cool is that?

And, today was one of those mornings. After exchanging emails and drinking a little coffee, here came the morning delivery. The golfer trophy corkscrew arrived, and it is quite handsome. The lovely has a crush on it, btw . (he is shiny after all).

It will remain in the collection for a while, but I have a feeling Tommy is looking inside the case that holds his collection and wondering what it will take to make a deal.

Also, for those keeping track, 30 days till Brimfield and 12 till the lovely and I begin our trek to the JFO.

Signing off, as the drinkipoos have arrived.