Tax Day…

It never ceases to amaze me that people will wait until the very last minute to file their taxes. And, today while I was at the post office dropping off a package for RL, a person walked in and asked if they had any tax forms available. So, not only was he waiting to file his taxes until the 15th, he hadn’t even started them yet!

The lovely bride is on her way back from Maine, and should be arriving soon. On her way back down, she was scouting antique shops for RL and Marie-France’s upcoming visit. She did find a place, while doing a little research, that is only open at night. Perhaps we could find a place to grab a glass of wine or two, and then head over for a little cabernet-induced purchasing.

Also, from what I understand, Tommy’s computer suffered a tragic end last night, and he is raising funds for another one by selling off one of his Syroco Indians, albeit a screwless one. It is on eBay right now with a BUY IT NOW, or Best Offer. For some reason, my offer of 34.99 was summarily rejected : (

Meanwhile, I am gathering up corkscrews and openers to take to the upcoming JFO (mostly corkscrews however). I don’t think we will out number the bottle opener peeps, but there will definitely be some corkscrew collectors there. Barry Taylor recently signed up and will be attending.

And, I am still waiting on this corkscrew to arrive:

I know it has a codd opener as well as a corkscrew, the question would then be, when did the codd stoppers stop being used. I did find the piece on screwbase, but would love to get more information about it. Do any of you know who made this?

26 days till Brimfield!