back from the JFO

Okay… driving from Troy, MI back to Newton Highlands, MA takes a fair amount of time. But, we made it back!

The first round of ICCA auctions ended while we were driving home, and I did manage to sell off a couple of items. But, I didn’t win a thing! I will keep an eye on the next round, as there are one or two that I am definitely after…

As to the JFO lot that BT and I picked up, there are many pieces that are intriguing; some will stay in the collection, and some will be available for trade. And, a couple will hit eBay in the coming weeks.

Of course, there was the ONE that got away…as Barry Taylor made a big score before I even arrived. That said, after having dinner with he and Marty the other night–they are fabulous hosts, and have an unbelievable collection–I hinted at possibly making a trade with him for his recent acquisition.

So… here are pictures of some of the stuff that came home with me. There are interesting ones, odd ones, and a couple that are definite keepers.

The first, is a keeper. Not really rare in the grand sense, as it is just a wood sheath and wire worm. However, I have never seen a black one before, and this is marked for A.W. Stephens…

a Bar Valet?

5 flashes… one of which is a good inch longer than the others…

An unusual opener/corkscrew marked INDESTRO –there is also some faint USA marking on there as well…

another unusual one… no patent or patent applied marking, and this one isn’t in O’Leary that I can find…

This one wasn’t part of the lot, but I did swing a deal for a Negbaur Piggy…

Neat can opener/corkscrew with neckstand.

This one does appear in the patent applied for section of O’Leary, but I had never seen one in person before. A cool little corkscrew.

Rydquist patent. This one appears in the patent applied for section of O’Leary, but actually is a patent.

A Nylin patent multi-tool. This is the one that got the conversation going, which resulted in the deal.

There were three variations of the sure-cut, I got two of them…

There is also one "Jewel" from O’Leary’s section on patent applied, and also two King of Cutters…

And, I did score a Walker and Orr patent spoon. This was not part of the lot, but I was thrilled to pick this up!

Here are a few of the various patented bottle/jar/can openers that just looked interesting enough to be added to the lot. There are still others that need to be unpacked!

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