Wilhelm Von zur Gathen

Wilhelm you ask???

I was sipping some coffee this morning, when I decided to attempt a search for a specific patented corkscrew. And, all I was looking for was an image of it. So, when a corkscrew came up–not Wilhelm’s mind you–on a classified/sales/antique site, I decided to search for corkscrews for a couple of minutes.

And, it didn’t take long to find Wilhelm’s contraption, although I was looking for any corkscrew at the time. With the asking price being less than you are probably imagining, the 1894 German registered design will probably make the best 6 for 2009.

The seller didn’t have information on whether it is marked or not, so that will have to wait for a couple of days. But, from the photo, it is a dead ringer for the one pictured on page 77 of Ferd Peter’s Mechanical Corkscrews.

I will post information regarding the markings, and a better photo, once it arrives. But until then, here is a Wilhelm Von zur Gathen’s corkscrew (soon to be in the collection!)

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