needle corkscrew?

On the heels of the folding bell corkscrew, I was contacted by a seller about a corkscrew with needles that they had for sale. Needles?

I emailed back, asking for photos and pricing, and went about my business. The only thing that really made sense to me was that it must be one of those cartridge injection corkscrews. There are many varieties of that type, and some with a relative amount of age to them, but they aren’t really my type of thing.

So… whilst I was making dinner the other night, and streaming K-Jazz (out of Cal State Long Beach, you should really check them out), an email came through with a picture of the aforementioned needle corkscrew.

With a fantastic asking price, I might add.

No, it wasn’t one of those injection thingies. And, it doesn’t really have needles. No…this one has spikes; three of them. And, is marked PAT’D across the top. I didn’t try to haggle, I paid through paypal promptly, and the item is on it’s way.

Now, this one is a double, and I know that Tommy will be sending offer material at any moment. Come on TC… let’s see what you got…!

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