Brimfield Day 1

I arrived at Brimfield this morning at 4:45 am! I headed into the fields, and within a few minutes had my first corkscrew!

And, I didn’t see any other corkscrew collectors. This was encouraging, but also a little worrisome. Had they found a better field in which to start their hunt?

I kept looking!

And, looking!

And, looking!

At 10 am, I met up with Barry–who had the biggest smile on his face. I sat down, and asked if he had found anything, he reached in his bag, and handed me a wrapped item… I removed the paper to reveal a Sperry patent!

He had a few other pieces, and when we talked before the last field opened today, he had just picked up a couple of champagne taps. One of which is an American patent–an unusual one at that.

As for me, I did gather up a few corkscrews to bring home with me. And, here they are…

There was also an interesting little clough sheath corkscrew that reads:

Mechanics Fair Boston, SOUVENIR, 1898. ROCKWELL CLOUGH CO., Wire Screws and Staples, ALTON, N.H., Patented Nov. 25, 1890.


I definitely will be keeping that one, as I dig finding the Cloughs that are actually marked with Clough information.

Of course, the Mah Jong couple was out and about.

And, there was some art pottery to be had

And, if you were in the marked for a cat corkscrew with a locking mechanism, you could need to fork over a mind boggling $ 1750.00. Could you imagine someone actually made that price tag, and thought it seemed appropriate. What did they pay for it to begin with?

The treasure of the day for me, however, is an 1885 PEERLESS corkscrew. It is in great shape, with a sharp helix. And, marked, "PAT. NOV.10.1885" and "PEERLESS"

Tomorrow I will be heading back. Who knows what will turn up!