Brimfield Day 2

After a couple of cups of coffee, I was on the road again this morning. I pulled into the parking area, and had a good half hour before the first field opened today. The temperatures had dropped from the day before, and my t-shirt and shorts ensemble was not particularly appropriate for the 37 degrees that was awaiting my arrival.

Barry apparently was only a few car lengths behind me, and we chatted a bit while we waited for the field to open. We split up, and started at opposite ends of the field, agreeing to meet at the next field around 9:00. I did pick up a couple of interesting corkscrews–but nothing terribly rare.

Upon meeting up with Barry again, he mentioned that there was little to be had. We talked about the ones we left behind, and geared up for the next field. And, there were corkscrews there too. In fact, by the second booth, I picked up a German spring for 10 bucks. Again, not rare, but not bad.

Then there was an interesting series of finds. I picked up three different versions of the 1897/1898 Williamson patent corkscrew; one with the opener and cutter, one with the washer only, and one with only the cutter, but without the opener part. They are each in nearly perfect condition, and given the pittance I had to pay for each, it made for a nice Williamson Tri-fecta!

There were a couple other pieces, but when I met up with Barry in preparation for the next field, we both acknowledged that there was little to buy in this particular field. And, we were off to the next opening.

And, here is the one that got away! I was walking around, and saw this attached to the back of a bar that was for sale. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the 9,500.00 that the seller of the "speak-easy-bar" was asking. So, I tried to sway him by offering to remove the corkscrew that was attached, and pay him a fair price. The cash in my hand–accompanied by the requisite screwdriver to do the job–didn’t convince him. So, I returned two more times to try to convince him to no avail.

I wonder if he manages to sell the bar, if the owners will recognize the Hoegger patent firmly attached!

Tomorrow is another day, and another adventure. Who knows what will turn up! So… below is the Brimfield Booty thus far.