Brimfield Day 3 (and 4).

Thursday is always an adventure at Brimfield, as May’s field opens that day. And, if you have never been. It kind of goes like this. At 9 a.m. the field opens, but the dealers that are inside are not allowed to set up any of their items until that same time.

So, much of the time, there is a lot of, "do you have any corkscrews?"


"CORK SCREWS!, do you have any?"

"I am not sure," "I don’t think so," "Come back in a little while.
"No," "Nope," "Not this time." These were usually the responses.

So, you head off to the next booth.

There were corkscrews in the field, and I did make a couple of purchases, but passed on a Thomason and a Murphy due to the condition/price. BT picked up a large carved stag handle piece. I have one similar, but that was probably the best piece out there–except for the fact that Andre Burgos was set up… He clearly had some nice stuff!

And, we skipped going today (day 4) as we have some construction chores to do before we list our house for sale. We are still hitting the new Antique Market in Boston on Sunday. Who knows what will turn up.

A fun filled trip to Brimfield! July will be the next one, who is coming???