The lovely and I took a break from construction/painting/house prep chores today to head over to the SoWa Antique market. 55 dealers (although it looked like a few didn’t show up) housed in this great old building.

There were some interesting items, a great 1913 Harley–which I didn’t buy–and a couple of interesting tools. No real corkscrews to speak of, but the lovely picked up an interesting ice-reducing tool. We will be perusing Bob Rogers book on the subject later to see what she actually found!

As I went from dealer to dealer inquiring about corkscrews, several remarked, didn’t I just see you at Brimfield. "well, yes, as a matter of fact…"

Of course, their merchandise hadn’t changed since earlier in the week.

That all said, I think the SoWa Antique market is a great event, and could net out some nice finds in the future. And, we will definitely go back.

Following the shopping excursion, we grabbed lunch at a local place. Food was nice, but the bartender/waiter was a little funky. Either he was hung over, or still drunk from the night before. He had a few moments where he seemed on his game, but largely he was non-attentive, and some what incoherent. We probably won’t be going back there…

There are a couple of Gin and Tonics poured, and we are done with chores for the evening.


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