food delivery

It was a regular occasion while we lived in Chicago for Pingpong–an Asian restaurant that was up block from us (literally) to deliver food to us frequently. Okay, more than frequently. More like, a couple of nights a week. Okay, there were times when it was more than twice a week.

And, while we have lived in Newton Highlands for three years now, the desire to have food delivered (at any hour of the night) has not left us. Of course, given that it is Newton Highlands, getting sushi, potstickers, spicy chicken, and vegetable fried rice with some tofu added (steamed not fried please) at midnight isn’t a common occurrence.

But, recently we found out that a local Thai place will indeed deliver. And, they aren’t that far away. So, tonight’s dinner was provided by Jamjuli. I don’t think they will deliver at 2 in the morning, but if the mood strikes us, we may pick up the phone just to check.

As far as corkscrewing goes, nothing new really to report. Well, except we did use one to open some wine this evening to accompany the aforementioned Jamjuli dishes.