slow news days…

Not that I was trying to be remiss in my corkscrewy-blogger-to-the-world duties, but corkscrew news has been a little slow the last couple of days. No major scores, nothing arriving in the mail–maybe this is the calm before the storm! : )

Actually, I won’t be online for at least a few days. The lovely is kidnapping me (for my birthday) and we won’t be returning until the 30th or so. I don’t even know where we are headed, just that eventually we will end up in Vinalhaven for a few days.

Last night we had dinner with friends with some lovely Halter Syrah. It was so nice, we HAD to order a second bottle : )

Hopefully while we are up in Maine, we will get the wireless set up. If it works, I will be online in a couple of days, and will post pictures, and stories of our adventures.

Also, there is a Tucker listed. And, now… relisted… The auction was at 799, and ended, now it is relisted. It seems a little fishy if you ask me.

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