one turn short of a full helix

For the second time, I stopped by a little store on the way home from Vinalhaven that has in it’s wares two really really really nice corkscrews. One is an 18 century folding bow with a wax seal, the other is an early tri-fold corkscrew.

As one will notice, they aren’t pictured here, as for the second time, I balked at the price. Now, they aren’t crazy money. But, they are well above what I want to spend.

Now, it is entirely possible that when RL and Marie-France come to visit, that we can go to this same shop (now for a third time), and that way I can get a second opinion on the helixes on both pieces. They look like they could be a turn short, but they both look as sharp as they could have ever been. Nothing appears broken, just shorter than I would imagine. And, with prices into the several hundred dollars, I would rather be sure.

For those of you that are interested (and willing to throw caution to the wind), I will let you know that the store is somewhere on the Eastern Seaboard : )

I did manage a couple of decent finds on the way home however. Pictures to be posted tomorrow.