5 day countdown!

The countdown has begun for Robert and Marie France’s upcoming visit. So, the lovely and I are traipsing back and forth from the mainland to our home on Vinalhaven bringing a few supplies (and a few corkscrews).

Lobster will definitely be on the menu, but there will also be dinners at Lucca (in the north end), Primo (in Rockland), The Haven (in VH), and Fore Street (in Portland). The wine will be flowing, and I am sure somehow, someway, we will fit in a little corkscrew hunting.

Speaking of corkscrews, the stag handled Murphy finally showed up, and it is indeed marked underneath the lip of the bell with the patent information.

While I am quite pleased with the continued growth of the Murphy corkscrew collection, if someone wanted to…say…send a Griswold, Hootch Owl, or Sperry my way, I would gladly take them!!!