Nebo Lodge, Drunken Oyster, and heading back down the coast

Last night the lovely and I went out to dinner with Blythe, Lenny, Carol. It was our (Sue and I) first visit to the Nebo Lodge in North Haven and the food was fantastic. The evening started at our house for wine and apps, and then we drove to a dock, and waited for Foy–and his skiff.

The fog was a little thick, so seeing North Haven (or Foy and the skiff) wasn’t as easy as one would think. Within a few minutes however, we heard the noise of a motor, and our luxury transportation came into view…

Once across, we meandered the roads of North Haven, and ended up at the Nebo Lodge. The food was definitely fantastic, and the conversation flowed like the wine!

Before the wine and food commenced however, we stopped in the bar and had a drinkipoo. After perusing the cocktail offerings, I opted for a Drunken Oyster–which consisted of Maine vodka, a touch of vermouth, and a raw North Haven oyster–the lovely had a Cool Hand Cuke–Hendrick’s Gin, Elderflower Liqueur, simple syrup, and cucumber slices.

After dinner, the bartender–who referred to us as, "the Vinalhaveners"–offered to take us back to our island on his boat. A nightcap followed the boat ride back at our house, where the conversation continued–as did the consumption of wine.

A great evening!

This morning we are hosting brunch for the 5 of us, and then take the boat across to the mainland. Hopefully the rain will let up for the drive down the coast.

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