scrabble, corkscrews, trades, and company

There have yet to be any marathon scrabble games, but the topic came up several times last night!

And, corkscrews were definitely discussed throughout the evening!

Trades were also proposed, although most of them were borderline thievery.

And, this was only the beginning.

Robert and Marie France arrived last night, and after picking them at the airport, we headed to the North End for wine, dinner accompanied by wine, coffee, and headed to our house for more wine. The conversation never stopped!

Today will include a trip to Sandwich, MA where the son of a former collector/antiques dealer has agreed to show us his father’s collection. And, we will hit a few antique malls on the way back. If corkscrews are found, they will be posted here.

A small dinner party will round out today’s events (probably followed by some trade discussion, wine, and scrabble!). And, then tomorrow, the four of us head to Maine…antiquing all the way up the coast!

News to follow!

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