last night on VH (well, for the time being)

We just finished a lovely pasta dinner–the pasta accompanied by fresh grown arugula, garlic, onions, tomatoes, chives, a little white wine, olive oil, and of course…lobster–YUMMY!!!!!!

This is the last night for the four of us on VH–we leave the island tomorrow, and will start heading back to Massachusetts. We will be moving here full time next week, and RL and Marie-France will head back to Tucson.

Today included watching Wimbledon–with champagne and strawberries & cream–a trip to Kitty Wales studio, a wine tasting overlooking the VH harbor, and the aforementioned yumminess of dinner. We leave tomorrow on the 1 o’clock boat, and will definitely hunt for corkscrews on the way to Portland, Maine–our next stop on the vacation trail.

A good time has been had by all!!!

Especially RL who was a good sport in allowing me to capture his crustaceous-ness on the digital camera.

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