packing up corkscrews

Well, just when I thought I was done packing up the corkscrews, I received one in the mail yesterday. Not that receiving packages via phil-the-mail-carrier is unusual, but we had already gone online and had our mail forwarded to the P.O. Box in Vinalhaven. Still, a small box arrived.

I missed out on one of these a couple of years ago and Brimfield. I came into a booth, where I found another CCCC’er haggling over the price of a similar corkscrew. When I walked in, he showed me the piece, and asked if I "…thought it was right…" I quickly realized he was trying to work a deal, and wasn’t actually thinking it was somehow flawed. I walked away, and later heard that they finally came to an accord, and he did get the corkscrew.

Then, there was another one more recently at the Piers Show in NYC. The price was prohibitively high, so I left it sitting in the dealer’s booth. I returned at the end of the show to make an offer, only to see that it had been purchased.

Well, I finally acquired one, and it is quite lovely with a nice sharp helix. And, the mechanism works great! Of course, it will be going back into another box, as we are packing up the truck today, and moving to Maine.

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