setting sail on a new adventure

Yesterday, we spent the day packing up the house, loading a truck, and making sure the house was "broom clean." Now, the house was cleaner than "broom clean", but apparently that is the verbiage used in the real estate industry.

But, I digress (as I am prone to do)


Today we set sail on a new adventure. We are heading to Maine to make the island house our year-round home. And, as luck would have it, yesterday before the packing, loading, and broom-cleaning commenced, I managed to find the perfect corkscrew to mark the occasion.

Yes, a Columbus Roundlet will be awaiting our arrival on Vinalhaven; a corkscrew I have been after for years!!!

So, after getting a little coffee, I will hop in the truck and start the drive. The lovely will pick up the kitties (farrow and jackson) and meet me at the boat, and truly the next adventure begins.