Heading back from Brimfield.

There were a couple hundred people anxiously awaiting the opening of May’s (its a field in Brimfield) yesterday, and as it turned 9:00, we all rushed in. And, there were antiques galore. Alas, there were few corkscrews.

So, for the three days, I walked away with 20 corkscrews, and one bottle opener. There are some nice pieces, but no major score. Still it was a great time to hang out with BT for three days, and dinner at the Student Prince was a great time. We didn’t try and buy any of the corkscrews off the wall, but there are at least a dozen that I would love to have.

The lovely flew in from L.A. last night (and boy are her arms tired), and this morning we head back home to VH.

Pictures of finds to follow, as well as news of upcoming events, travels, adventures, and a lobster or two…